Prefabrication is a process of miscellaneous loose components prior merged into production at GTV to a prefabricated product. These compositions are prefabricated conveyed to the building site and processed there.

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Using prefabricated assemblies will shorten the installation time at the execution phase, but naturally It requires a little bit more time in the preparatory phase. Everything must be properly mapped and monitored so that no expensive and time-consuming modifications are needed in the implementation phase.

Working with Prefab compositions also has the advantage that a smaller building site is required because there is less storage and production space needed for material on the site. Also, fewer people are required for assembly.

Another advantage is that the prefabricated assemblies have a higher and more consistent quality than when they are made on the site, because the production at GTV takes place in a specialized and controlled environment.

Which products can be prefabricate?

  • Switch materials: boxes and pluggable cables
  • Motion and pluggable cables
  • Wall Gutters: switchgear, boxes and pluggable cables
  • Gutters: boxes, cables, consolidation points and pluggable cables
  • Columns and workplace connections: switchgear, cables and pluggable
  • Energy distribution: head, bottom and decentralized distribution
  • Lighting: pluggable cables and control boxes among others, KNX / EIB, Dali, BMS systems
  • LED lighting: lighting control and optimize the luminaire and application
  • Climate control: alarms and sensors, pluggable cables, control boxes, control cabinets
  • Care and Hospital: bed wall panels, Miva sets, paging systems, scooter charging cabinets, switchgear, boxes and pluggable cables
  • Energy: kWh metering systems, the decentralized distribution boxes, cable sets MC4, combinerboxes, distribution
  • Recreation: camping junction boxes, columns port, bike charging points
  • Security: central audio and video control cabinets, outdoor cameras and paging systems, access control columns
  • ICT: data cabinets, boxes, cables, consolidation points and pluggable cables