Cable confection

Cable confection

The cable confection department accommodates a well-skilled team that excellently combines speed and precision work. Our people can assemble and connect all types of cables, connectors and contacts to connecting cables that complete meet your needs, as well as the highest international quality standards. Checking and testing each separate cable is also part of the work activities of this department.

We deliver complex cables or cable constructions from just one, to multiple pieces and have the capacity to take care of the complete production of your connection cables. If requested, we can also take care of packing and logistics.

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We can easily adjust our production process, because we have the right crimping tools available for every contact. Tool revision is also one of the things we have been doing for years. Various customers rely on our expertise for this.

At the cable confection department we assemble cables out of all possible wires, connectors and contacts, suitable for various connections. Think of USB, coaxial, patch, power, ribbon cables, wire harnesses, rs232-, rs485- and audio-video cables.